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Tips for speaking English fluently and spontaneously ??

Hello , I would like to know some effective tips on how to speak English fluently .

I've tried lots of tips , but they didn't succeed with me . I know that the fastest way to speak any language is speaking , but I'm surrounded by no one who speaks English .

Any tips or advice ?

I'd be grateful .

Thanks for reading .

November 18, 2017



You don't have to speak with somebody, you can speak to yourself (imagine you have to explain to your friend how to find some restaurant in your city or how to prepare pancakes, etc). You can also talk with somebody via skype, just put an add on some website and you can find somebody who also would like to practice speaking.


I've also tried to talk to myself and imagine , but that didn't help . For Skype , I'll try again to find people . Thanks !


Try apps like Hello Talk and Speaky, they connect you to people who speak various languages and you can converse with them. They even allow for audio messages, that way you can get actual speaking practice. Also listen to as much stuff in English as possible, I personally link fluency to comfort. As in, am I comfortable when I struggle to speak the language. So by absorbing speech patterns of native speakers, you can pick up the ease of speaking and thinking as they do and imitate that until you yourself feel comfortable! IF you ever make a Hello Talk or Speaky, let me know if you have questions!


If you can write this post in English, then I think you are a great English speaker!!!


I'm a native speaker so perhaps my advice would't be very useful. Your English is very good and I'm not just trying to be nice, it really is. What I would do is see if there are any English-language libraries or places even in a city that you could go to. If not, search up "network for english learners". You could also start a YouTube channel! That would be really fun because you could see clearly your progress from now to when you become even better. :)


I understand your dilemma. I can read Spanish easily, but find understanding and participating in a conversation much more difficult. You write well, but speaking is different than writing, it is faster, and you have to process what you hear. For listening practice, I suggest watching TV. If you can find game shows like jeopardy or other shows where the contestants have to answer or ask questions, practice along with the contestant. You may be able to find it on line, but it probably will require a subscription. Watch other TV shows, and imagine yourself as a participant and practice the dialog or change the dialog. Read out loud - anything - including instructions on packages. If you have good internet access, find you tube videos and pause them. Watch TV news and yell at the politicians. And don't be afraid, when you do encounter English speakers, to ask them to speak slowly and be patient - after a while the English "switch" will go on in your head and you'll find yourself speaking more fluently.

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