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How do I conjugate a sentence if there are two verbs in a row?

I'm writing an essay for french class and I am trying to say "...the people can change..." and I need to use pouvoir and changer and conjugate for they. How should I write this?

November 18, 2017



Conjugate "pouvoir" into third person plural and leave "changer" in infinitive.


You conjugate the first verb and add the other verb with its infinitive.


Luckily pouvoir is a verb that can be directly followed by an infinitive. Be aware that some verbs require a preposition (à or de and some verbs can require either depending upon the intended context) to precede the infinitive.

Ex: Il a décidé de venir. → "He has decided to come."
and Il est décidé à venir → "He is determined to come."

There is a good reference sheet here:


"Il décide à venir" isn't really french, to say that he is determined to come we would say "Il est décidé à venir" or "il est déterminé à venir" :)


You are, of course, correct - I was attempting to give a present tense example. I have corrected it, merci.


Les personnes peuvent changer.

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