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[BlogPost] 100 days streak!

I made a post about my experiences with Duolingo so far.


Hope you enjoy! Dalton

November 18, 2017



Congrats!!! What is your level in French?


Hello Lorel! I don't know if you mean my level here Duolingo. But here I am at level 23 and with 68% fluent according to Duolingo, but that are only numbers. I would love to get an experience in "real life" now. But at least it is becoming more easier to watch French tv and read simple texts.


Hi Dalton,

how would you compare your French experience with those from Tom Crewther?
Can you speak like him? ;)


He has a youtube channel, multiple cool videos and posted some threads on discussion forums: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23400918

I honestly have to say I am having a hard time with Portuguese, even I am using Memrise, Mondly, 50languages in parallel.

I will be starting the reverse trees shortly (to English, to German).

Have you tried your first chats (or voice) in French on www.hellolingo.com?


Hello Thomas!

I see some videos from Tom! It seems a really nice experience! I would love to do that! Surely my French isn't on par with his. But I am able to understand almost everything that he said (at least on an A2 video from September, he is improving really fast)

I think my French speaking is by far, my most untrained skill. Nonetheless, my other skills are getting far ahead, which is a bad and a good thing =)

I think that the "real experience" is unbeatable when learning something new. However, I love to do "shadow imitations" when listening to a video. I am doing that for years, to practice English, and now I am doing that for French too, it surely helps to train the mechanical part of speaking, like different phonemes.

Thanks for your amazing tips! I never used hellolingo, but I am signing in right now!


well done! may I know at what Duolingo level did you finish the French tree?


Hi Nminhquan! I was around level 18 at Duolingo when I finish the tree, but I was stuck doing the first half of the lessons for quite some time.


I'm having the same problem. I hope I will still get there around level 15. Great job, Dalton!


Thanks, Cod! Keep up with the French! Where are you from?


Des Moines, IA USA. Will do! Thank you for the encouragement! :)


hi , do you speak vietnamese


Hi Huyhungtam. Unfortunately, I don't speak Vietnamese. But I speak English, Portuguese and a little French =) Where are you from?


thanks Panda! Where are you from?


Amazing! Keep up the streak and continue learning and improving your French!


Félicitations Dalton ! Je suis sûr que t'as appris beaucoup maintenant pour être capable de lire ça. Je l'ai fait même chose de choisir mon arbre en anglais et ça aide beaucoup pour apprendre tout les deux langues.

Merci pour partager ton blog et bon courage !


awesome achievement, Dalton

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