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  5. "누구의 머리카락은 짧아요?"

"누구의 머리카락은 짧아요?"

Translation:Whose hair is short?

November 18, 2017



I think '누구의 머리카락은 짧아요?' is a sentence asking does anybody has short hair....(and it is little bit awkward) the right one for english one is '누구의 머리카락이 짧아요?' Any way 은 is awkward...im native speaker


I see what you're saying though actually in English "whose hair is short?" could also be used for the first scenario you described. E.g. "We need someone with short hair, whose hair is short?". Both who and whose in English can be used to clarify the subject as well as to ask around and find out for who (among the rest) something is true. You might for example hear "who has a charger?" in place of "does anyone have a charger?"


At what age and educational level?


Can you say "who has short hair" or would that need 짧은 머리카락 in the sentence?


With your correction, yes, 누가 짧은 머리카락이 있어요?


Can you explain more? I couldn't understand


I put who has short hair as it is more colloquial in British English.


In American English as well

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