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Lessons/Helpful Hints would be nice on the app

As someone who mainly uses the app, I feel like it would be extremely beneficial if app users had access to the little mini-lessons included in the desktop version... (You know, all that extra information at the bottom when you open certain skills, conjugation tables/articles/which kind of pronoun to use.) I've spent a lot of time searching through other resources to find answers to questions that were covered in the desktop version. Since we don't always have access to a full-fledged computer and it would be nice not to have to go back and make sure that one hasn't misinterpreted anything after doing a weeks worth of lessons on a phone. Sometimes it feels like you're thrown into a lesson without any idea what you're actually learning aside from vocabulary.

November 18, 2017



you know that a mobile browser can access the duo website, right? in case you need this faster than Soonishâ„¢.


Actually I find getting to the regular browser on my phone is damn near impossible, as soon as I log onto the regular site it automatically throws me into something very closely resembling the app and I have the same problem. Of course I'm not the most technologically inclined so that may be part of the problem.


Use Firefox app. If using Chrome app it will automatically switch back to the app, by design.


Well, in my defense I did a search and nothing came up.. perhaps I wasn't using the proper terms. I am going to try to finagle that, thank you!


That should work, tested.


Very true. I agree completely.

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