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  5. "한글을 다시 배웁시다!"

"한글을 다시 배웁시다!"

Translation:Let's learn the Korean alphabet again!

November 18, 2017



Is "hangeul" Korean or is it the writing?


Korean is 한극어. The Korean alphabet is 한글


It's 한국어 you spelt it wrong!


Thank you, was getting a little confused by this


글 means writing, writing style, script. So, this is the Korean script.


And just to add. 한국어를 is the korean language itself


I did "Let's study Korean again." which at first I though was marked wrong because I did study instead of learn... but it said the correct answer was "Let's study Hangul again!". Is it because I didn't specifically say 'alphabet'?


Yes, this is specifically asking for the Korean alphabet, rather than Korean language


What the eff is goin on!.. I just didn't a "the" and you are saying I'm wrong every time.......


is the "let's" necessary? i wrote "study the korean alphabet again" and it was marked wrong...


The "~ㅂ시다" ending on the verb means "let's." So the English translation needs that added meaning as well.

Adding "~자" to a verb stem is a more informal way to say "let's."

갑시다: "let's go!" to coworkers, people older than you, any time you need a more formal style of speech.

가자: "let's go!" to friends, family, when you can be less formal


In a previous practice "다시 한글을 배웁시다" was correct, and in this one "한글을 다시 배웁시다" is correct. So it is okay to put "again" between the topic and verb instead of the beginning? In the past I would get marked incorrectly if I put certain modifiers in the wrong place. I just want to make sure I am learning correct grammar.


다시 is an adverb and like other adverbs it can appear in any order (as long as it doesn't interrupt the subject, object, or verbs).


Indonesians call Korean alphabet by hangeul


When you are a pro at korean at korean school THE TEACHER good morning class today we will learn the korean alphabet again ME Mrs Teacher WE ALREADY LEARNED THE KOREAN ALPHABET teacher I DONT CARE STUPID KID YOU LEARN WHAT YOU LEARN


K i messed up but its dunny

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