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  5. "我下午会在学校练习打乒乓球。"


Translation:I will practice playing table tennis at school in the afternoon.

November 18, 2017



"I will be at school practicing ping pong in the afternoon"


That's certainly better in English. I'd like to hear from a native Chinese speaker whether or not it's okay to leave out "打".

(Edit: "In the afternoon I'll be at the school practicing ping pong" has now been accepted for me.)


The Chiclets force me to enter the cringeworthy "practice playing."


ping pong and table tennis are the same thing


In the afternoon I will be practicing ping pong at school

lianxi is not playing!


So we say 打乒乓球 or 玩乒乓球?


Well, if you're actually practicing, maybe it's better to use "打", whereas if you're just fooling around, probably "玩" is fine – but perhaps a native speaker could assist.


Duolingo dinged me for saying 'at the school' instead of 'at school'


I'd say that's reportable.


Practise here is a verb. Needs an 's.


Not in the US

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"practice playing table tennis" is an overtranslation when "practicing table tennis" will do. (How do you practice table tennis except by playing it?)


"I will be at school in the afternoon practicing ping pong" is correct, but was not accepted. Please fix.


Yes, even putting "At school, I will be practicing ping pong in the afternoon" was marked incorrect. Oh well, one bonus point gang aft agley


My sentence was exactly the same as the correct answer. What's going on? Come on!


I will practice table tennis this afternoon in school


Shouldn't it accept "can" as well as "will" for "会"? Also it should accept "pingpong" as a single word as well as "ping pong".


This "会" doesn't make sense as referring to skill, so it's not "can" in that sense, and I believe that if the Chinese were referring to ability in the sense of possibility (e.g. fitting into one's schedule), it would more likely use "能" in this context. I think that leaves us with the "will" sense of "会" (with "I'm going to" being a valid alternative). However, I'm open to correction.

As for "pingpong" versus "ping pong", the dictionaries I've checked (Oxford, Merriam-Webster, Cambridge, Australian Oxford, Dictionary.com, Wiktionary) all say that it's spelled with a hyphen or a space in English.


I will practice ping-pong at school this afternoon.


«This afternoon at school I'll practice ping-pong» is correct but was marked wrong. Furthermore, the "Word Bank" has only [practice York at I healthy to the in family school tennis will playing] but lacks AFTERNOON and TABLE. Tsk!

A taller screen reveals the top edges of the missing words but the actual words remain completely obscured, it'd only be possible to guess them by length.

A shame duo fails to afford feedback on such systemic bugs.


Shouldn't it accept "this afternoon" as well as "in the afternoon"?


Some of the words for the English translation don't show up in the word bank


Sorry, my answer is exactly the same as yours but deemed incorrect, please!


Somehow your translation sounds very unnatural in Englisn. Mine is better.

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