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Warum 'Guten Tag'

Hey everyone. I have wondered this for a while and it really makes no difference to my German but I was wondering why it's 'Guten Tag' not 'Guter Tag'. Why is this in the Accusative. Since it stands along why is not just Nominative like 'Guter Tag'. Thanks

grüße liebe


November 19, 2017



Maybe like " Ich wünsche dir einen guten tag" - I wish that you have a good day. All the other greetings are in akkusativ as well I think, guten morgen, gute nacht.... not exactly sure though. I think its the same in English, just that it doesnt have cases like that


I agree, and here is a background to support the hypothesis


Ding! Ding! Ding! You win the prize! That's exactly why it's accusative case.


The equivalents of "Guten Tag" are also accusative in Hungarian and Czech.


"Guten Tag" originally comes from "Ich wünsche einen guten Tag." and hence accusative case is used. The same goes for "Guten Morgen" and "Guten Abend". You can say "Guter Tag", but that would not be a greeting but simply a statement like "It is a good day."

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