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How can I see my two courses in my iPad? I just can get only one.

I can see both courses (English/French) in my computer but not in my iPad. When I try to switch languages to add a new course, it doesn't let me. I chose English because it allows me to practice/reinforce what I'm learning in French. How can I add the English course in my iPad, the same way I have it in my computer. By the way. I love the conversation app in Duolingo. Great addition. I wasn't using my iPad before for Duolingo, but I do. Love it.

Thank you.

November 19, 2017



I have found that whatever language I am signed into on my computer, then that is the language that comes up on the iPod. I rarely use the iPod as I find the lessons inferior and we don't have forum access, but I just tried it a moment ago and, yes, it is still the case. Sorry, but I don't know how to change between them on the iPod. I have no idea how you sign out on the iPod.

EDIT: I think I have worked it out. At the top of your iPod lesson you'll see the language eg: Anglais followed by a down facing arrow like ^ (but other way - couldn't find one :) ). Touch this and it will open up the languages you are learning.
If you are in "Anglais" mode tap the +cours circle.
Select "For English speakers" from the list then,
Choose the language you want to learn (or change to - eg French)..
The program will ask you if you want to change the app interface to the requested language (ie English to learn French).

BTW, If I have misunderstood which language you are trying to move from, the instructions should still work, just substitute the to-from languages you need.

Hope that works,
Bonne chance !


In the iOS App

  • Tap the arrow next to your current learning language to change it.

Source: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/217005666-How-do-I-switch-my-Duolingo-course-language-

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