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  5. "五元八角"


Translation:5.8 Yuan

November 19, 2017



"Five dollars and eighty cents" should be accepted here. The context could be understood to be 美元 (or even 加币, for that matter — the name of the currency doesn't even have to have 元 in it).

(Also, there's no reason to capitalize "yuan", just as there wouldn't be to capitalize "rupee" or "peso" or any number of other currencies.)


Agreed. I am a native mandarin speaker and we would absolutely say 五元八角 for 5.8 units of most currencies.

[deactivated user]

    you could type ¥


    I definitely agree with you that five dollars and eighty cents should be accepted; however, the system is really precise where 'Five dollars and eighty cents' will be translated into '五美元八十美分' Wǔ měiyuán bāshí měi fēn.


    I think it's possible that since I wrote my comment, Duo has added my suggestion to the accepted responses. It's been a while since anyone said it wasn't accepted, and the answer lists have expanded a lot since the course came out.

    To my mind your suggestion for the Chinese wouldn't really make sense, because the US isn't the only jurisdiction that uses dollars as a currency, though it might make sense if the English referred specifically to American dollars.


    When I was in Beijing, people more often said 毛 for a tenth of a yuan - I don't think I ever heard anyone say 角


    They probably would have paired that with "块" rather than "元". "块" and "毛" are the colloquial versions.


    Yes, 毛 is a slang and is commonly used as well


    is the last character a classifier?


    Would 五元八十分 work too? Or is 五元八角 a more common phrasing n China?


    I'm pretty sure people don't say 80分. As for common phrases people, at least in Beijing, are much more likely to use kuai and mao in speech- 五块八毛. Or possibly leave 毛/角 out altogether - 五块八.


    Not a helpful hover hint


    Hey, five RMB eighth corner, nothing wrong with that. ;-)


    This is another question in which a fractional monetary number should have an answer written with two decimal places: "5.80 Yuan". Otherwise, the user gets corrected for having miswritten the answer. Since an answer with "5.80" is accepted, there's no direct way to report this issue.


    I have the same problem. Indeed, the 0.80 yuan is 8 角, not 80 角, but when the word does not appear in the translation, it's weird to just leave the one decimal place out.


    5.80 RMB wasn't accepted


    So 角 means "dime"?


    More or less. However, if you're thinking of a coin, be aware that "角" doesn't specifically refer to a physical form of money, only to an amount, so you can have an amount equal to a 角 in either coin form or note form.


    Jiao is not corner as indicated


    5 yuan 80 cents shall be right


    People normally used to say 五块八十 or 两块五十 etc to me when i lived in china, or just 五块八


    I think when one is genuinely sharing one should not have to apologise for commenting on a post. Sometimes when going through the lessons I feel that there are inconsistencies and when I discus these with my wife who is chinese she at times cannot explain my queries and that is from a person that studied languages at Beijing University.

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