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  5. Wir sammeln sie hier.


Wir sammeln sie hier.

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In Duo they have Wir sammeln sie hier. for the sentence We collect them here. Can them refer to objects? z.B. I like mugs. I collect them (sie) hier?


November 19, 2017



I think so, except for that it's sammeln, not sammein.

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Thanks, corrected. I have trouble telling an "i" from an "l" online.


Hi Susan, This is carptoon (Ken) and I like your posts. I think that if Duolingo used a font with serifs that the problem of distinguishing between i and l would disappear. Regards


Yes, sie can refer to both persons and objects, although given the context, objects are more likely ;)


I don't think you "sammel" persons. When persons congregate it usually is "wir versammeln uns hier".


No, you can't really "sammel" a person. You can however user "einsammeln" as pick someone up.

So "Wir sammeln sie hier" would to me only relate to objects. "Wir sammeln sie hier ein" could relate to both depending on context (in addition to picking people up it can also refer to collecting specific things from others, always stuff from multiple sourcs, that gets pooled in a place. i.e. a person collecting the money from a group after a split bill or even upfront one would say "Ich sammle das Geld ein", after everyone got a book for an event or a class in school it would be "Er sammelt die Bücher ein.")

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