"I will try that dress on."


November 19, 2017

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why do you need two 试?


我会试试那条裙子。我会试那条裙子。我会试试看那条裙子。All are same meaning in this case.


Omoji, they do not often make mistakes in their Chinese, although they do often lack flexibility with their English, where a native speaker will know anywhere from two to six ways of saying what they're calling for and they'll only accept one or perhaps two. If they take away hearts for a mistake that you think you didn't make, if that puts you down to a low number of hearts, unless you need to finish the lesson because you're already a long way into it, back out, do a review on one or two of the earlier crown sets, and for each you will earn two hearts. Anytime you get below two hearts and are starting a lesson don't start without doing a review . the hearts are there to convince you to pay for the system. It's quite good is Duolingo, but it's much better when it's free.


doubling the verb isn't necessary, it only implies that the action was sort/quick


dress in Chinese should be 连衣裙/连身裙(China) 洋装(Taiwan)


我会试试那条连衣裙. (wǒ huì shì shì nā tiáo lián yī qún.) = Accepted: 30 jan. 2020.


Putting one shi is still not accepted.


Did you remember to add the 一下 after the 试。That's the only way i can remember it - 试一下 OR 试试 without the 一下。


Can't I use 试一下?Also, how do you know it's a dress not a skirt? 裙子 seems to mean both...


Isnt 条 for long object ?


Yes it is. Dresses, skirts, fish, ships, bedsheets, streets, news... You have to "stretch" a little bit the usual Western concept of long, thin and narrow things. As for the news, it dates back to when Chinese people would communicate writing on scrolls


If I said: "我要试试那条裙子", would that convey the same meaning? As 要 can also mean "will".


I would think that "件" could be used as a classifier here too, but "我會試試那件裙子。" is rejected.

I'd also think that "試一下" would be an acceptable alternative to "試試", but that answer ("我會試一下那條裙子。") is also rejected.


You can't use 件 with 裙子


In retrospect, one must use classifiers specific to the type of clothing being cited. "條" is the correct classifier for dresses whereas "件" is used for upper body garments.

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