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  5. "我觉得红酒比白酒健康。"


Translation:I think red wine is healthier than white wine.

November 19, 2017



My translation was not accepted.

"I think that red wine is healthier than white wine."

I did not accept my answer just because of 'that', which is correct.

Reporting it!


I did the same thing


Isn't 白酒 some kind of high-spirit drink like vodka instead of white wine?


In the exercises they seem to distinguish between the Chinese liquor 白酒 and "white wine" by prefixing the former with 中国 (中国白酒). But you have to kind of tell by the context which one is meant in speech.

Baijiu is a one of a kind drink. I have no problem with straight whiskey or Bacardi 151, but sipping baijiu burns in a way that probably only paint-remover could do. It has a unique taste that I would struggle to describe. The brand I tried, Moutai, is growing in popularity and therefore price, so it will run you about $150 a bottle. So it's a special occasion drink. It is drank in these adorable thimble-sized glasses and when they call out "干杯" you're expected to down the drink in one shot. Two other cultural warning: when drinking during the holidays (and I've heard on business) many Chinese men like to 'keep up" with each other in drinks. It is also customary to keep filling your glass if you've finished it. Taken together, I almost killed my new father-in-law over Spring Festival. Be careful drinking during the holidays.


Yeah, in the last lesson it was translated as baijui, which I guess is some Asian liquor


i think that red wine is more healthy than white wine

more healthy = healthier


In China 白酒 is not white wine, its a distilled rice liquor that's about 40% alcohol. I think white wine should be '干白'...


"think" and "feel" should both be correct


This particular lesson is filled with inconsistencies. "I think that red wine is healthier than white wine" is STILL not accepted, despite the many times it's been submitted. So, reported once again on 9th January 2019.


"I think red wine is healthier than white spirits" should be accepted.


The best way to choose your wine...


" I think that red wine is healthier than white wine" is still not accepted. Reported 15th September 2018.


Just one screen before I translated 白酒 as white wine and it marked me wrong and said the word should be 'baijiu'. So this time I translate 白酒 as 'baijiu' and Duo marks me wrong and says it's white wine. I can't win!


to begin with, wine, red or white cannot be described as having good , bad or indifferent health. they should say 'is healthier for you'.

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