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  5. "我阿姨星期六晚上会去美国。"


Translation:My aunt is going to the US on Saturday evening.

November 19, 2017



my aunt will go to america Saturday night

this should be accepted too!


The "on" in "on Saturday evening" is optional. Just stating that here because there is no place in the feedback to give specifics.


"United States " should be accepted, not just "US".


at this point I have to just copy and paste the answers because the desired wording is always so specific... :/


Give it time. This is in beta after all.


I so far only heard people use the term 阿姨 for cleaners and house keeping employees. Is it common to use it for aunts as well?


You can call almost any young woman (close in age to or younger than your mother) this to be polite.


The literal meaning of 阿姨 is an aunt who is your mother's younger sister. When I was in Beijing, I heard this word commonly used to refer to a woman who watches children (a nanny). I suppose your experience shows that it is used more broadly than that. Chinese culture has a huge family focus, and it is more common in Chinese than English to use family words to refer to people who are not actual family members. For example, my Chinese host once addressed an old man passing by as "Grandpa" (姥爷) to ask for directions. If you watch the Ip Man movie, you will see that Ip Man's friend addresses Ip Man's wife as "sister-in-law" (implying that Ip Man is his "brother".) I hope that gives you a sense of how family words are sometimes used.

[deactivated user]

    It's big in Taiwan, yo.


    It should also accept USA instead of US


    Should accept both "is going to" and "goes to" as well as both "the US" and "America".


    America was accepted in earlier units, why not now


    So many reasonable translations... please adopt fuzzy logic!!! Your app is good, but often too restrictive on acceptable answers!


    Yes. Not to mention that it was seemingly designed more with phonetic scripts in mind as in European languages etc., where any alternate pronunciations of characters always have the context of a word around them, even in the word bank, that ensures the correct pronunciation.

    Annoying enough here when the wrong pronunciation of a character is used from time to time, but over in Japanese the word bank pronunciations are a hot mess.


    this app can be really frustrating when it insists on only one specific sequence of words...


    Reported "My aunt will go to the US on Saturday night".


    "My aunt will go to the U.S. on Saturday evening." should be accepted --> the action will be clearly in the future!!!


    I think "In the evening" instead of "On the evening" right?


    can this sentence function without 会?


    Should be accepted too


    I can't believe I got this one right!


    is 阿姨 another word borrowed from English?


    Why can't this answer be accepted 'My aunt will be going to the US on Saturday evening'?


    I wrote :''My aunt is going to the U.S. on Saturday evening"' and you marked it wrong !!!!!


    Could also be 'going back to the US'


    "My aunt will go American Saturday evening"


    There is an obligatory "to" that you must use between "go" and "America", but you're right that you can omit the "on" before "Saturday evening".

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