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  5. "打排球是我最喜欢的运动。"


Translation:Playing volleyball is my favorite sport.

November 19, 2017



"volleyball is my favourite sport" was not allowed but should be


The grammar is wrong in this English answer. It may follow what the Chinese statement says but it is not correct in English. I'm pointing this out because in other lessons they mark us wrong for not adhering to English grammar in the answers.

In order to fit English grammar, the answer should be either:

Volleyball is my favourite sport. Or Playing volleyball is my favourite pass-time .... or physical activity, or exercise.


I think it is now :-)


Yes it's accepted now 24.1.18


Someone must have heard you! I refused to add the Play, I put "volleyball is my favourite sport" and it was accepted


运动 also means activity or sport.... should be accepted.


"Playing volleyball is my favourite sport." should be correct.


I don't recall ever hearing volleyball referred to as an "exercise". Only a "sport". Probably it is because I never think of something as being an "exercise" unless you can do it by yourself, which isn't possible in the case of volleyball.


"Volleyball is my favorite sport to play" should be accepted. Who says "playing volleyball is my favorite sport?"


I'd say this is the grammatically correct way of expressing the translation. Simply saying "Volleyball is my favourite sport" does not indicate that you like watching or playing, so play must be there somewhere, and at the end seems right.


"Playing volleyball is my most favorite exercise" would be accepted, or must 最 be ignored? Posted on Nov. 19, 2017.


Keith_APP is correct. While some people do say 'most favourite' this is not correct English, as 'favourite' on its own already describes the thing you like the most.


As far as I know favorite when used as an adjective, comparative forms are not used because the word already has the 'most' meaning in it. It is probably not acceptable to say More favorite or Most favorite. So Duo's is a justifiable translation.

We can suggest an alternative like Playing volleyball is the sport I like the most.

2 things bother me:

  1. Volleyball is a sport but is Playing volleyball a sport?

  2. In Japanese they don't accept Sport for 体操, only Exercise; How come they translate 運動 to exercise now?


This doesn't make any sense. Volleyball is a sport, but "playing volleyball" is not. Do I have to have 打 in the Chinese sentence?

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