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  5. "Deine Augen!"

"Deine Augen!"

Translation:Your eyes!

March 15, 2013



Given the medical context here, I'd be worried if I heard someone say this.


I guessed Augen correctly from hearing it, but I don't remember learning it...


If Dou will allow a German "typo" (even when I meant what I typed - and it was incorrect) why won't it let me make a typo in my own language e.g. when I meant to type "your" but accidentally only typed "you"?


Because "you" is a word in English.

Generally, if a typo results in another word, Duo will consider it a mistake -- it can't tell the difference between choosing the wrong word and making a typo then.

Only if the typo results in something that is not a word will it generally be counted as a mere typo, if the result is not too far off.


It's pronounced terribly omg took me many tries to understand...


I learned 'Deine Augen!' from the song Blaue Augen ~ "Und deine blauen Augen machen mich so sentimental - so blaue Augen!" ~ Nina Hagen

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