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  5. "明天下午我没有课。"


Translation:I don't have class tomorrow afternoon.

November 19, 2017



"I have no class tomorrow afternoon" would be correct. Reported on Nov. 19, 2017.


"I don't have classes tomorrow afternoon" should also be accepted.


Yes , and especially "Tomorrow afternoon I don't have class"


I do not hear 我 on the female audio at all. I hear 下午 then 没有. I've even listened on slow in the exercise. I don't know if the 午 is blending with 我 so fast that it's inaudible, but I really don't hear it.


"tomorrow afternoon i don't have class" should be accepted?


You should also accept the future form for this sentence - and also the Position of the time indication can be at the beginning!


Am I the only one who doesn't like the 'class' there? it should be either 'any class(es)' or 'classes', but the 'class' on its own sounds bad.


Although (school) class can be countable or uncountable, in this context it is better to see it as countable to avoid confusion with the other meanings of class that are exclusively uncountable. This is why "I don't have class" reads so strangely to many. No big deal but why can't we report what we feel are ungrammatical sentences to Duolingo, instead of always posting them in discussion threads?


i won't have class tomorrow afternoon


Perhaps it's my upbringing, but 'class' to me means the group of people you study with, 'lesson' is what you do with that group of people.


That is a very american way of saying I don't have a class

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