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  5. "你有很多亲戚吗?"


Translation:Do you have a lot of relatives?

November 19, 2017



May I ask why "Do you have many relatives?" is not accepted... ? Posted on Nov. 19, 2017.


It should be. I have reported.


reported 23.02.2018


"Do you have many relative?" Still marked wrong as of 2019-04-06. Reported.


And it is still marked wrong in August 2019.

The question that preceded this one gives the reply:

"We have have many relatives" Written is Chinese: 你们有很多亲戚.

This question asks "你有很多亲戚吗"?

Note: 有很多亲戚 is exactly the same in both questions. So in the previous question it is perfectly acceptable to use "many" in the reply, but you marked wrong for using "many" in this one.

A perfect example of the frequent inconsistencies in this course that mean you get marked wrong for their inability to update any answers and to not have thoroughly thought through this course.

And as usual even if it is reported they do nothing.

Compared to French or Italian (which I am also doing), this is a sham of a course, even if it is free.


Do you have many relatives?


Apparently, it still can not be accepted


Is "many" not also correct translation for 多?


Yes, it is but the course is still in beta.


And they could not be bothered to do much of the early work.


"Do you have many relatives?" is not accepted. Reported it 11/02/2018


In a previous question "a lot of " was marked incorrect. Duo wanted "many" instead. And now, it wants the exact opposite! It's really a headache!


Is it just me or would you pronounce it more like qin1qi3


if anything, "many" should be more correct than "a lot of", since relatives are countable... I think they should accept both though


"a lot of" is correct for both countable and uncountable nouns, the difference is just on the colloquial-formal scale. Both are accepted in most places in the course and should be here too.


"How many relatives do you have?" Isn't accepted for some reason.


I don't think "How many relatives do you have?" works for this. When you say “很多" that means "very many," so the exact translation is "You have very many relatives [inquisitive]?" It is more of a general few/many sort of question. If you want to ask exactly "how many?" you'd use ”多少."

So if someone asked, "Do you have many relatives?" and you answered, "42," they would likely connect the dots that you're saying you have 42 relatives, but it would be less natural sounding than a reply with a simple yes/no or a general magnitude of quantity word like "many" or "not many." Where if they'd asked, "How many relatives do you have?" an exact quantity would feel completely natural.

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