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  5. "游泳比赛几点开始?"


Translation:What time does the swimming competition begin?

November 19, 2017



"Swimming contest" should be accepted too (in my opinion).


Who says anything but “swim meet”?

[deactivated user]

    Do you think of the Olympics as a swim meet? Or a competition?


    I am aware of the term 'swim meet' but I've never actually heard someone say it here in the UK. I wasn't actually aware it was specifically a competition for quite a while.


    That is very sport dependent to people who have participated in swim meets. While I may know that word, it definitely isn't the first thing that would come to mind.


    "When" should also be accepted


    "When will the swimming competition begin?" should be accepted.

    [deactivated user]

      Please utilize the FLAG to report your suggested responses! The developers are very quick to implement them!


      i wonder if commence is synonymous with begin in this case?


      Reported on February 4, 2019: "At what time does the swimming competition start?"


      And nothing has changed, I just wrote the same thing, and it is a perfectly acceptable answer, but no, marked wrong!!!!! And you wrote this 5 months ago.

      I think they do nothing on this course to add more answers.

      Cut and pasted:

      "What time does he swimming competition start?"

      Marked wrong for being correct......again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I had actually received an e-mail about two weeks ago telling me that "At what time does the swimming competition start?" is now accepted. Omitting the "at" should also be acceptable.

      "What time does he swimming competition start?"

      I suppose you meant to write "the" instead of "he"?

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