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When is Swahili audio going up?

Hi there

Is Swahili audio likely to be added soon?


November 19, 2017



A week or so ago Swahili listed no contributors, but two have very recently re-appeared. As I think the incubator de-lists contributors due to inactivity, hopefully this means they are getting the audio done at last.


I hope so I'm looking forward to learning it. Only so far you can go without audio.


Go on youtube and look up swahili videos...tons of listening practice available.


Surely Duolingo is doing something about this, the recordings were finished months ago. It seems really odd that this much time has passed and there is no sign of audio whatsoever. Did the contributors just say its done and leave without checking how the course was going? Is there some technical reason that sound files in Swahili are harder to add? I find this worrying.

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