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What Arabic dialect

I was just wondering what dialect of Arabic is going to be taught on the Arabic for English speakers course?

It’s most likely msa although I would like to be certain of the dialect.


November 19, 2017



I'd assume it'll be standard/classical/universal Arabic. It would be strange if they for some reason chose to do arabic from a particular region.. It differs a lot within regions anyway, even within the same smallest countries, people speak completely differently if you go to the north or the south.


MSA is what Duo has said it would teach but I suspect there will be a fair amount of Egyptian that will be accepted as well.


It makes sense because Egyptian media is so prominent in the Arabic speaking world many people all over can understand the Egyptian dialect.


MSA since Duolingo doesn't have any plans of adding dialects.


yeah, I hope its msa, I'd like to learn what is going to be most widely useful.

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