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  5. "팔십오 퍼센트를 받았어요."

"팔십오 퍼센트를 받았어요."

Translation:I got 85 percent.

November 19, 2017



Probably a test grade


Not a good example sentence at all since no one knows where to use this sentence. We do need to flag this so the Korean course designers come up with a much better sentence before the Beta period is over.


팔십오 퍼센트 할인을 받았어요. This would be a correct sentence per my native speaker friend.


That is assuming this refers to a discount or sale. But if you received 85% on a test, or you took 85% of something, then it would not be correct.


I understand what this is implying but 받았어요 means "received" and the English translation here says "I got 85 percent" I feel this is unnatural since it doesn't have context on whether or not you received it or already had it.


well, "got" does mean "received". it's not "i have got", which would mean they'd already had it


Does no one else here buy food? This is easily ground meat.


Just for context- in the korean school system there is this grading system in percent. I think they mean it like this.

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