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  5. "Mbu huambukiza malaria"

"Mbu huambukiza malaria"

Translation:Mosquitos cause malaria

November 19, 2017



The final translation is factually wrong. Mosquitoes do not 'cause' malaria. However, the hover translation also includes 'spread'.


I think transmit would be better than cause, because kuambukiza is infect


Yep, that sounds much better! Cause would be more like husababisha.


Is this translation correct? My dictionary says kuambukiza means to infect or contaminate. Wouldn't this sentence then mean that "Mosquitos infect malaria", however strange that sounds? Am I missing something, or is this sentence a bit strange?


kusambaza is better verb


Spread (like the hover translation says is the good. But: How do you know it is plural?


You can't, but from context a plural translation is more likely. It doesn't make so much sense to have a single mosquito being in the habit of spreading disease. If you really want to be precise, you would qualify the sentence with pointer words, like "hii", "hizi", "hiyo" and so on, or other words for describing amount, like "Mbu zote..", "Mbu nyingi.." or "Mbu moja..".


I think it is entirely possible that this sentence makes sense in swahili, even if the direct translation doesnt sound quite right in English

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