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Minor errors in tips and notes for Chinese course

I realise the new Chinese course is still in Beta, but, in the absence of knowing a better place to post this, thought I'd start a list of some minor errors I've come across in the tips and notes.

So here's what I've got so far:

Food 1: 你也不喝茶。 Nǐ[ní] yě bù hēchá. I also don’t drink tea / I don’t drink tea, either. Obviously that translation should be "you also don’t drink tea / you don’t drink tea, either.

From Family 1: 我们医院很大。 Wǒmen yīyuàn hěn dà. Our school is big. ...should be translated as " Our hospital is big/very big"

..not sure if there's an easy way to put the incorrect and correct words in italics on this website?

November 19, 2017



Yeah I've noticed those errors too. Hopefully they will correct them soon. :)


From Location 4 : "书在床上。 Shū zài chuáng xià. The book is on the bed."

..minor error in pinyin there. Should be shang not xia


From Weather: 我们快/快要/要吃午饭了。 Wǒmen kuài / kuàiyào / yào kāi chī wǔfàn le. We are almost about to take lunch.

...there is no kai in there


From Languages 2: 我等了三天了。 Wǒ[wó] děng le sān tiān le. I have been waiting for a long time.

..I don't think it should translate to "....a long time", I think it should be ".....for three days"


From Environment: "儿子,你明天回来吃饭吗? Érzi, nǐ míngtiān huí lái chī fàn ma? Son, will you come back (home) tomorrow? (the movement is towards the speaker)"

...translation left out "to eat"


same omission in the very next example sentence:

妈妈,我明天回去吃饭。 Māma, wǒ míngtiān huí qù chī fàn. Mom, I will go back (home) tomorrow. (the movement is away from the speaker)

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