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simone waudby

In French, do we use "continuer de faire quelque chose" or "continuer a faire quelque chose" ?

November 19, 2017



From the research I have done, continuer can take either preposition with little, if any, change in meaning.


Petit ajout : « Continuer à » est plus utilisé que « Continuer de » dans un contexte familier, non littéraire.


There are some (little) differencies, in fact, in everyday language, we use both with the same meaning.

"Je continue d'aller ramasser des champignons" will be better than "je continue à aller ramasser des champignons" because "aller" begins with "a".

"Je continue à discuter avec toi" will be better than "je continue de discuter avec toi" because discuter begins with "d"

I would say that "continuer à" is more common than "continuer de" in familiar language.

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