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German: Has the 'slow sound' stopped working?

My 'slow sound' stopped working a couple of days ago - so I can only listen to normal speed. Is anyone else having this problem?

November 19, 2017



For the last two days, at least twenty people reported the same issue.
Please, send a bug report via


I'm having this problem as well. The man is pretty understandable (although it was a shock to hear a male voice) but I just had a sentence where even listening to it three times at regular speed I couldn't understand it.


I agree. My problem is I have tinnitus and sometimes reach for the slow but it seems not to be available. still learning and as such looking for all the help out there.


Yeah that has happened to me too, I also realised they added the male voice for web as well, that could be why.


I noticed the male voice too! The slow button issue did coincide with him starting - so you could be right. (By the way, I think he a great voice with clear pronunciation - however, every now and then, he pronounces a simple word (such as like 'wir') extremely unclearly and quite impossible to interpret. Hence the reach for the slow button.)

I also have had other random things happening. For example, a couple of times I have received notification that people on my friends list have 'passed me'. I have gone to my settings and this notification is not checked. So, that's a thing.

Maybe it is a weird A/B test.


Agreed - in real life we might not have much trouble for missing a simple word or two, but here we have to get every single word right (up to typos). Anyway keep up the good work Duo!


I really thought it was just me - thanks for posting this!


Yes, happened to me too


Same problem here, using the app, I noticed it yesterday; although I haven't tested the web version yet.


yes that happened to me and then the voice changed to a British male


Same here. Both on the Android and Web versions of Duolingo.


French - me too! Really frustrating as I need to use the slow sound to double check content

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