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How long does hatching generally take to reach beta stage?

I'm relatively new to Duolingo, so I'm wondering how long it generally takes for a language to go from the start of hatching to beta release? Perhaps it varies a lot..if so, what's the longest it's taken and what's been the quickest? I've noticed Arabic has just started hatching....

November 19, 2017



It varies a lot, depending on the contributors or if it's something special that the Duo staff worked on before it got into the incubator, like Japanese or Chinese. It ranges from 27 days to 1127 days...

Here's a list of the times the existing courses spent in each phase:


awesome answer! thanks for the link tiramisues


It does vary a lot. For example, Chinese took about 2 months, but Hindi started 2 years ago and is still hatching.


Part of why it varies so much is how much work people did on the course before Phase 1.

Weren't the Duolingo employees working on Japanese for English speakers and Chinese for English speakers for a long time in "Phase 0"?


thanks. Yeah, I'm waiting for Hindi. Any way of getting an eta?


How long is a piece of string?


Why do you ask that question? I've seen you post this question on a couple of other threads too.


"Too long" xD, well, with the exception of Chinese.

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