"If fruits would not be sweet we would not have eaten them"

Translation:Matunda yasingekuwa matamu tusingeyala

November 19, 2017

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I'm a bit lost in this lesson. Shouldn't it be ''tusingaliyala''?


Tu (we) Si (negative) Nge (conditional) Ya (the fruits) La (kula, to eat)

It's already referring to the fruits


You might get away with that one but -li- refers back to the fruits


Not in this case, here it is part of the -ngali- form, and the -ya- refers back to fruits.


It feels like the fruits are going to be sweet at some future point in time from this translation, but I assume that this is not the intended meaning.


The tenses don't match in the English translation. 'Were the fruits not to have been sweet' or, more concisely, 'had the fruits not been sweet' would match '... would not have eaten...'
'If fruits would not be...' expects '...would not eat them'.

Thank God I'm almost at the end of this skill...

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