"Tyhle houby nesbírám, protože je neznám."

Translation:I do not pick these mushrooms because I do not know them.

November 19, 2017

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Out of curiosity: What is the most common term for 'sbírat houby' in english? to collect mushrooms, to pick mushrooms, to gather mushrooms ... ? By the way, I love it ... :-)


Probably to pick mushrooms: I like to pick mushrooms. Are you going to pick mushrooms today? Who picked those mushrooms? And so on...As for myself, I have never picked them:)


"I do not pick these mushrooms because I don't know them" "Don't" is a contraction for "Do not" and should be accepted


Contractions are accepted automatically by Duolingo and should not be added by course contributors manually. If your sentence was not accepted, use the report button. Do not clutter the sentence discussion. If you decide to ask about a sentence and its acceptance, you must show the complete sentence, not just one or two words.


Does "nesbírám" not also mean not to collect?


Yes, although mushrooms tend to get spoiled in a collection.

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