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  5. "对不起,我有问题。"


Translation:Sorry, I have a question.

November 19, 2017



sorry i have a problem

I believe this should also be accepted.


Yes, and I think even a little better than the given "sorry, I have a question"


不好意思,i think is better than 对不起


I find it weird that the sentence suggests that someone is appologising for having a question.


Perhaps they are just Canadian.


It happens all the time. If a teacher or professor is about to move on to another topic, a student might apologize for slowing down the lesson by asking a question. The teacher or other students might be annoyed by the interruption if time is limited. I've seen professors tell a student they are not going over that topic again and to meet them after class.


In Chinese this is a polite way to ask a question, because when you ask a question you are "inconveniencing" them, even if you really aren't. You are showing the person you are addressing respect by apologising for bothering them even so little as to interrupt their train of thought. It's effectivly the same as saying "excuse me" in English.


Someone's been reading feminist literature! Just playin, i was gonna say the same thing.


I have a question is 我有一个问题. 我有问题 is more like "there's something wrong with me"


Please don't forget the 一个, it just sounds weird without it.. Hahaha some people actually think this means "I have a question", then they go to China and people think they're weird..


It's annoying how this doesnt have 一个...


pardon , I hsve a question is better and normal answer

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