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No Streak Hall of Fame, 2017-11-19 edition

Update: This Streak Hall of Fame is now inactive. Thank you for your support over the last year and 10 months.

Looks like Duolingo broke my script again with more forum changes. This time it looks like it can't see moderator extended profiles. I can see them in Chrome when I'm logged in to my account. Instead of throwing a 400 or 500 error page, it just hangs on the fifth entry:


You can check out this alternate view of the SHoF, that isn't made by me or, as far as I know, Duolingo:


November 19, 2017

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My old old script (Lua with libcurl), that checks freeze status of users from this list, still works:

Maybe this is a temporary problem? And your link works for me.

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Maybe you and cleeent could share contact details somehow, so you can help out with the code


Cleeent, thank you for the heads up. You are doing a great job and I appreciate it so much! Sounds frustrating that your script gets broken with forum changes. I hope it's temporary. Thank you for the alternate link, I didn't know that existed. Still, your Streak Hall of Fame edition from last week https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25178639 is more accurate!


Your dedication is appreciated.


If removing mine somehow fixes it, please feel welcome. I don't want to hold up the fun. I don't actually suspect removing mine will fix it. But, I figure just in case it's worth the try. :)


Cleent, sorry the script broke! :( I am going to contact you via email to find out more about this.


I hope you and Cleeent can get it working again! Thanks for your hard work & dedication Cleeent.


966! wow, you are getting up there! :-)


KevanSF you have 1003 today! congratulations!

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