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No Streak Hall of Fame, 2017-11-19 edition

Update: This Streak Hall of Fame is now inactive. Thank you for your support over the last year and 10 months.

Looks like Duolingo broke my script again with more forum changes. This time it looks like it can't see moderator extended profiles. I can see them in Chrome when I'm logged in to my account. Instead of throwing a 400 or 500 error page, it just hangs on the fifth entry:


You can check out this alternate view of the SHoF, that isn't made by me or, as far as I know, Duolingo:


November 19, 2017

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My old old script (Lua with libcurl), that checks freeze status of users from this list, still works:

Maybe this is a temporary problem? And your link works for me.

  • 1703

Maybe you and cleeent could share contact details somehow, so you can help out with the code


Cleeent, thank you for the heads up. You are doing a great job and I appreciate it so much! Sounds frustrating that your script gets broken with forum changes. I hope it's temporary. Thank you for the alternate link, I didn't know that existed. Still, your Streak Hall of Fame edition from last week https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25178639 is more accurate!


Your dedication is appreciated.


If removing mine somehow fixes it, please feel welcome. I don't want to hold up the fun. I don't actually suspect removing mine will fix it. But, I figure just in case it's worth the try. :)


Cleent, sorry the script broke! :( I am going to contact you via email to find out more about this.


I hope you and Cleeent can get it working again! Thanks for your hard work & dedication Cleeent.


966! wow, you are getting up there! :-)


KevanSF you have 1003 today! congratulations!


Man, that's frustrating. I hope you will be able to get it working (again)!


I hope this gets fixed soon Cleeent. Thank you so much for all your work on the SHoF!

:' , (


Hi Cleeent,

About http://Duolingo.eu:

We don't know the author, right?
Do they use the same thread for scanning as your script, that is the SHOF join thread https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151/Streak-Hall-of-Fame-Sign-Ups?

  • It is very nice that you link the user profiles for all rankings so I can manually open them.
  • I appreciate user portraits / avatars of the Platinium ranking of your SHOF list.
    Quite sad that there is not enough space in the available thread characters to add more portraits (I usually just add people to my follow list with real pictures) or language flags (hence the level 25 filter).

  • Golden owls: As I am not already a Portuguese level 25 member, it is quite nice (for me) that duolingo.eu lists at least my course with a language flag as of a received golden owl = tree finished.

  • How can one join the duolingo.eu list with a streak 300days without your "sign up" thread just because he has finished his tree (=golden owl) or received level 25?

  • What is the benefit of you to stick to weekly SHOF forum threads (creating new ones, not about scanning the "sign up" thread) instead of setting up a webpage url, with your own formatting and endless available characters?

  • Honestly I find it quite sad, that the total of golden owls is less than 5.000 or 10.000 or a bit more, level 25 even less, and that there are not thousands of users (only 1006/1363) with a "sign-up registered" completed tree / golden owl (2515), according to the duolingo.eu list summary statistics, out of the millions of DuoLingo users and course learners.


Hi Cleeent,

nevertheless what I wrote above and tried to give a summary:

I will miss your nice UI elements / category owls :-)

It would be somehow cool to integrate of all (best) features from both scripts and nice UI elements / statistics into a new script and new website, where you really have full control about layouting!

BTW: You better don't put too much work into your script updates for the current buggy forum (if they are too many) as we can't know when the staff introduces a new re-written forum software, which may or not support your (updated) script required sign-up and input.


Happy New Year to you Cleeent!


Maybe this one: https://www.duolingo.com/users/35626756/redirect ?
My script could not get his extended information with three attempts. It is possible there are several such users. He has a large number of followings and followers.


This discussion will be locked soon.
https://duolingo.eu/ had to change its domain name to https://duome.eu/

Background information in


So sorry to hear, any plans on it being revived?

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