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Duolingo Clubs & Labs

Hey Guys,

so I've recently been getting more active within the Duolingo community and posting discussions much more. (Partly because I want to make the most out of my language learning experience and partly because I want to know how other people are getting on and meet new people who are studying their L2 or L3 or even L4.

I was just wondering about the clubs and labs and incubator.

CLUBS: What needs (or rather what people want) to happen with clubs - (What i have gathered from most other users)

  • Being made available on the web. The web is the primary source for duolingo for myself and a lot of other people and I feel that Duo Clubs would benefit a lot more from being on the web.

  • Not limiting the number of members to such a small number. I feel that 15 members is such a small group for such a widely used website. 25 - 50 members would probably benefit everyone - get to know more people, more competition, etc..

  • Maybe joining more than one group per language ( maybe 3 ) - I have heard a lot of people say that they would like to join more than one group and I'd feel the same, especially in the main languages I focus on.

  • I have also heard people discuss about having an instant messaging service, like a chat room. This way people can practice there target language with other people and perhaps even with native speakers.

Yes there are concerns with doing some of these for example a lot of school students use duo, and would probably come in contact with adults and that might be a problem, but for that reason you could still keep groups private or even add an age limit/requirement for groups.

Labs I actually think all these projects that are coming out on Labs are really interesting and could be really beneficial to language learners.

  • Duo stories and Duo events are both so useful. - I hope they keep them.

I can't wait to see what else they come out with, hopefully more cultural experiences.

Incubator I'm constantly checking up on the progress of some of the languages that I am interested in. I keep the page open all the time. (Does anyone know if you can directly click on it from the actual duolingo website) I have to type it in.

I can't wait for Arabic. Hopefully they'll start incubating a Latin course soon. :)

I love the style and ease of using Duo to learn a language, I studied French for 8 years, I loved it, but 4 years on I dont remember much of it so Duo has helped me regain knowledge and fluency back.

I know that they are constantly improving and adding more content. What would you like for Duolingo to start doing or do differently.

November 19, 2017
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