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  5. "明天星期日吗?"


Translation:Is tomorrow Sunday?

November 19, 2017



Hi! Why "Is Sunday Tomorrow" wrong? I'm not a native English speaker :(


Hi! So for the specific case here (you're trying to find out if tomorrow is a Sunday) you're question is functionally the same, but the focus in the question is different. So you are basically asking an altered version of "When is Sunday?" but in this case tomorrow is the focus: "What day is it tomorrow? Is it a Sunday?" Basically, the difference is whether you're focusing on asking about "Sunday" or "tomorrow" - here, you should be asking about tomorrow. But colloquially you could totally get away with translating it as "Is Sunday tomorrow?"


Even if what you say is accurate, it is pretty obvious that the meaning of the phrase was understood. We are learning Chinese not English grammar


Thats my main issue with this app.


You want too much for the AI who checks your answers ;). PS I am not native English speaker as well but I am not get upset with this free Duolingo system. If I wanted more I would hire a teacher.


True, "tomorrow is sunday" is the answer of "is tomorrow sunday? " here we focus on tomorrow.

"Sunday is tomorrow" is the answer of " is sunday tomorrow? " here the focus us on sunday


I reacted the same. As a native Swedish speaker, I would say "is Sunday tomorrow"


Du menar väl "är det söndag imorgon?" som betyder något annat än "är söndag imorgon?" ? I ena fallet frågar man vilken dag det är imorgon, i andra fallet frågar man vilken dag det är söndag (lite hårddraget, men du förstår principen)


Isn't it weird? I don't understand either.


It would be idiomatic if you said "Is it Sunday tomorrow?".


That would be Okey if you say "is IT Sunday tomorrow" ;)


I wrotr that i means the same they are just picky


Now both versions are accepted and I can't understan what is the correct translation of the Chinese sentence... Am I trying to find out what day of the week is tomorrow or am I trying to find out when Sunday will come?


I'd put a comma there: "Is Sunday, tomorrow?"; like two clauses in one sentence.


Which is the most common word for Sunday? I have come across xing qi tian.


As I understand it, 星期天 is more common in everyday speech while you're more likely to hear 星期日 in more formal settings.


I was just wondering that and hoping it was explained in the comments. Thanks!


What's wrong with "is tomorrow a Sunday?"


"A Sunday" is nonsensical.


Why not 明天是星期日吗?


You can use either, both are commonly used. Chinese (short) sentences don't always require a verb.

For example:下雨呢 xià yǔ ne It's raining.


you are right, there should be a 是, but in oral Chinese , sometimes it can be omitted


Thank you for asking before i wanted to just come and ask..

When do we know when we can put the shì here or not ?

Is it because ma exists that shì is no longer needed, anyone ?


是 can be dropped if what comes after it is weather, age, birthplace, time or price.


Is it just me or is it spoken a little fast?


All of us ....


Is Sunday tomorrow is marked wrong


How do we choose when Sunday is 星期日 or 星期?


星期 means "week" alone, and the days of the week are named "星期一,星期二, 。。。” (Monday, Tuesday, literally "week 1, week 2"). Sunday is called "星期天” or ”星期日” which literally means "week sky" and "week sun"


Interesting! Any idea why the word for "Sunday" in Chinese didn't follow the same pattern as the rest of the days of the week, and become "week 7" instead?

In other words, what is the special significance of "Sunday" that it received this distinct word in Chinese separate from the other days of the week?


Thank you very much!


I think they don't say this in English. They would more likely say Is it Sunday tomorrow or Is Sunday tomorrow according to SVOMPT subject, verb, object manner, place, time


I feel like most of my mistakes is because of my bad English.It's not my mother language. Can somebody relate?


did anyone else spell tomorrow wrong


Can I say "Is it tomorrow Sunday?"


'Is it Sunday tomorrow?', or 'Is tomorrow Sunday?' Both are fine. 'Is it tomorrow Sunday?' Isn't right. Don't ask why


Because i don't know :)


I don't know why 'Is Sunday tomorrow' is wrong


It is bc it is not grammatically correct in English. You would have to say ...Is it Sunday tomorrow?


Why not "Is Sunday tomorrow?"


I got the wrong answer just because I misspeled "tomorrow". This type of question is just frustating


I got marked wrong - they expected 明天星期日嘛 and I wrote 明天星期日妈

I think their answer is wrong ?


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All answers now are not accepted. Even the correct one. I cant pass this level :(((


Really hard.

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