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  5. "On je Matěj."

"On je Matěj."

Translation:He is Matěj.

November 19, 2017



"On je Matěj." I answered "It is Matěj." And was incorrect, it said the right answer is "He is Matěj." I was under the impression that ona=she, ono=he, and on=it. Now i am confused on the meaning "on"






I'm a little bit confused by the audio. Is it correct and you pronounce "on" with an -j sound or is it incorrect and the j you can hear belongs to je?


It is correct and the j sound belongs to je. The word in the second position is not stressed, there is a stress only on the first word and they are pronounced together. Czech the examples about Lexical stress and rhythm at https://fonetika.ff.cuni.cz/en/czech-phonetics/


on je Makei.- ich habe so gehört,slyšel jsem to.


You heard incorrectly. Please review the Tips and notes of the first Skills. They deal with Czech orthography and pronunciation. A hint: tě is actually /ťe/.


I had this in the form of word tiles. One of the tiles had 's, so I put "He's Matěj." However, Duolingo told me I had a typo, and it should be "He is Matěj." Is "He's Matěj" really wrong?


just turn the tiles off. they are buggy and outside the volunteers' sphere of influence, meaning you may be waiting for a fix for a very long time.


Thanks. I'm not really bothered by the typo reports. I really just wanted to know whether it really was an error to put "he's" instead of "He is", and it seems clear that it is not.


"He's Matěj" tests "green," meaning it should have been accepted. But we've been seeing some unexpected rejections lately, and this may be just one more.

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