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Timer keeps running in timed practice when I look at discussion

The timer for timed practice keeps running when I look at the discussion for a particular question. Could that be turned off somehow, and if not, why?

Thanks, 4of9

April 7, 2014



Hi 4of92000,

Timed Practice is a good tool from moving what you know into quick memory recall. Yes, the discussion area is still there, but it is a matter of priority, do you want to continue with your timed practice or is there something so important as to warrant ignoring the clock. So the timer will keep running. I know this can be frustrating at times. One of the strategies that I use is to copy the sentence and continue with the lesson. When I'm done, I go to the related language forum, then in the Sentences tab, I paste the sentence into the search bar. That way, I can go and view the discussion. However, there is no Report button this way. (That is one thing I hope Duolingo includes in the future.) There is no way to stop the timer in Timed Practice at this time. However, if you would like to work without a Timer, there is an Untimed Practice option.

I hope this has helped to answer your question. :)


It doesn't stop when you look at the discussion. I understand this can be frustrating if you'd like to learn more about a sentence while doing timed practice. If you often find yourself doing that for now I'd not do time practice :/


Yep, I noticed them same when I press 'report' button, but I also noticed "pause" (blue) button next to the "continue" (green) button, that helps.


@R-r-leo, would you be willing to post a screenshot? You might be in a test group. I don't have those features and I would love to see them. :)


well, sorry, I've just brushed up that: it's not a test group feature, but a feature of this browser's plugin: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1453573

I have been using it for a while and for me the pause button looks naturally :)


Oh! Yeah I forgot about the userscripts ^_^ Thank you for the images!


Here they are:



Although, I believe it'd be better if the pause button was pressed automatically every time I click to report or discuss ;)


I agree with this poster that having the timer automatically pause if you stop to dig deeper on a particular translation should be supported. Especially currently, since there seems to be a bug where the feedback at lower left, which contains stuff like alternate translations, or what the mic actually transcribed from your speech, is failing to show up.

I like doing the timed practice because it forces me to think and react faster, but I also want to be able to stop for a sec if I need to consult whether, in fact, the way I've translated something is the "canonical" translation, and find out whether discussion is revealing some subtle differences between alternate ways of saying something.

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