"Keep going straight ahead."


November 19, 2017

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This was a particularly confusing exercise and I think its presentation was unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. The 往...走 construction had not been introduced yet, and I had not yet heard the these words even in isolation yet. Furthermore, the words/characters 往 and 走 appear nowhere in any of the hover-over hints, and the hover-over hints for "keep" are irrelevant.

Surely this could be improved by better hover-over hints? Also, it would be better to give us a sentence in Chinese to translate into English first, introducing these words, and then later give us this sentence to translate back.

To get through this lesson I actually had to make an external note to remember the words 往 and 走, so I wouldn't be floundering again.

Someone please fix this? Thank you.


I second this notion, it's really confusing. I had no idea you could even use "往...走" that way.


And...four weeks have passed and it's still not fixed...12/19/17, reported again...is it even worth reporting this or is it just screaming into the void? It's like DuoLingo launched this course and then totally abandoned it.


But this is the duolingo way... You learn by guessing. All the time. If we don't guess, we just get a wrong answer, and the next time we know :) :) :)
I agree this is not very comfortable, but at least effective: sure you have remembered this construction at once. Isn't it ?

Also, I think you began Duolingo Chinese in the beta version (right ?), I've met this phrase for the first time today, November 2018. Before the phrase, I met 往 in the flash cards, and 走 many time before. So maybe your message had been heard ???


Can someone tell me the pinyin for this please?


It's "Wǎng qiánmiàn zǒu". In general, you can get the Pinyin very easily by just copying and pasting it into Google Translate, which is easy if you use this on Web/Desktop rather than as a phone app...this way you can just open it in a separate browser tab, it works beautifully.

I wouldn't even bother trying to use this course on mobile...it's not really sufficient as a standalone, you really need those external resources to look stuff up from time to time. It makes a world of difference!


If you are using chrome, I highly recommend using the Zhongwen Chinese popup dictionary addon. It lets you use your mouse to hover over a word, and it will show you the pinyin and English.


Thanks for the great tip. A very useful extension that fixes my main reservations about this course regarding absence of pinyin and English translation.


Seriously how am i supposed to know this you might was well just replace the hints with a sign that says google it.

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