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Will Arabic lead to languages like Urdu, Farsi etc?

Given that Arabic will soon be added, will this mean that modified script languages such as Urdu and Farsi could be introduced? This paves the way for many new languages on Duolingo and I've seen so many passionate people + threads and they'd be willing to contribute!

November 19, 2017



Let's hope so! I want Farsi so much!


And Uyghur as well!!!


I am fluent in Urdu. I'll contribute if I can


Apply here then. The more contributors who apply, the more likely Duolingo could open the course for creation!


I hope so, I would love to do a Farsi or Urdu tree Punjabi too :)


Well I know English, German, Russian and Arabic well (they are my native languages) but in my opinion Arabic is really different than Farsi and Urdu, the letters are pretty much the same but the words are totally different. FYI I live in Lebanon - and visit Russia every year (grandparents there)


I hope so. I am going to a weekend course for Farsi it is an amazing language. But it's going little bit slow with 5 hours per week.


Shouldn't be too big a leap since any script issues must already be solved.


I would assume so. We saw that a huge focus was languages featured in East Asia (i.e. Japanese, Korean and now Mandarin), so I would assume that other Middle-Eastern and/or Asian languages will be going into development in due time as they seem to be strategically selecting languages that do not use the Latin alphabet to develop.


I hope so! We have been waiting for Persian for too long now.

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