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  5. "你想试一下我们的红酒吗?"


Translation:Would you like to try our red wine?

November 19, 2017



At this point I just want get to the end of this. It is helpful but the English translations are all over the place, keep the discussion window open and cut and paste when the question comes up again, otherwise it will take forever. I hope all of you are using more than one way of learning Chinese. Good luck.


I think most of us who have got this far in this course have had this experience. You are not alone.


The translations are quite good for the initial lessons. I noticed that as we get into bigger levels, because many people do not get to the end of the course, duolingo does not get much feedback to correct it. So i hope more and more users are providing feedbacks


I think that "试" should be replaced with "尝."


“尝” is a better way, as it means taste, rather than "式“, which should not be used in the context of food.


It’s better to ask, “Would you like to sample our red wine?” rather than what you have written.


True, I agree sample or try would be a better way to translate it.

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