"No, you do not see that dog."

Translation:Ne, ty toho psa nevidíš.

November 19, 2017

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"Ne, nevidíš toho psa" , is this wordorder correct too?


Yes, it is. And "Ne, toho psa nevidíš" as well.


Ne nevidis pas . Would that work? Thanks


No, the accusative is psa. Pes is masculine animate, the pán paradigm. For animate words the nominative and the accusative differs.


I wrote Ne, nevidíš ty teho psa. The order is wrong according to DL, but isn't the Czech language flexible on that? I believe I would be making emphasis on the dog here, but other than that it should fine. Mám rodinu v Czeské Republice a chce mluvit s onem, ale cestina je moc tezky. I believe I will have to stick to English and German :), anyway, I will keep pushing, but by far it's the most difficult language that I learned (I speak fluenty Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian have a B1-B2 in French). Anyway, my goal is to get my Czech to my French level :)


There is some flexibility in Czech word order, but it is not arbitrary. I'm not a native speaker of Czech, but I would assume "nevidíš ty ..." to be a question.
Besides, it is "toho", not "teho".


Thanks a lot! It might have been teho versus toho! Thanks again!


Isn't the personal pronoun rather out of place there? I would expect it if the English sentence was “No, you do not see that dog”, but there is no emphasis on the ‘you’.


As discussed above your question, the English sentence can also be "Ne, nevidíš toho psa" and "Ne, toho psa nevidíš." The "ty" is not required, and both of those alternatives are among the accepted translations.


How can say it is not “No, you do not see that dog”? I certainly can't exclude it and therefore translating it as such is completely legal and is done very frequently in this course.


Hello, why doesn't "pes" work?


Pes is the nominative case, used for the subject of the sentence. Here we need psa, the accusative case, for the direct object of the verb.


"Ne, toho psa nevidíš ty!" why not possible, if i especially want to exclude him , except for the others present? Thx

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