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"Eu faço a você a mesma pergunta."

Translation:I ask you the same question.

April 7, 2014



Funny, the sentences i had to translate before this were saying how her clothes was tight and large, and before i continued to this one i asked out loud, why do they keep making this woman sound so fat. Then Bam! " i ask you the same question"


Is "faço" pronounce like this ("faiso") in normal conversation?


no, but like fassu.


Really the woman's pronunciation of "faço" is wrong...


Yes, when the sentence is read in full "faço" is pronounced incorrectly like "fa-i-so". On mouse hover though, she says it correctly.


No, her pronounce is wrong.


What is the purpose of the A in a você?


The "a" here means "to" not "the", so indicates that the question is directed at "you". A way it would sound better in English is if "you" is moved to the back of the sentence: "I ask the same question to you".


"I ask the same question to you" is considered wrong?


So, is this always the case for when fazer is used in the context of asking a question?

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"I ask the same question of you" was not accepted, and I am reporting it.


" I make you the same question " could also be considered correct?


To my ears, making someone a question sounds like you are constructing it for them like if they are writing a paper and need a question put into the paper and you make one for them to use. I'm assuming in Portuguese they are putting the question to the person and expecting an answer from them, which would be "I ask you the same question". There might be a way to use make where it's understood, but if you want it to be quickly and easily understood, you have to use the common "ask" instead of make.


I wrote exactly that and it was marked wrong


I ask you the same ask hehe!


Isn't "I pose you the same question" a correct translation? I'm not a native English speaker, so it'll be really nice to know what is the correct use of "posing a question".

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To pose a question is to present it to others. The others may change the form of the question before an answer is sought. But the meanings overlap. I'll ask you the same question. = I'll pose the same question to you. = I'll present you with the same question.


Is "faço a" a rule? Should we write it that way whenever we're using "ask" in a sentence? And given it's (presumably) "to", and not "the", is it right to say that is would never change to "as", or "os" or anything else?


"fazer pergunta" requires the preposition "a" when you add the person (faço a você). Yes, prepositions NEVER change.

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