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How do you get to communicate with people you follow?

I followed a random person because I didn't know anyone.And I want her to know and I want to know who she is. can you please comment if you know . thanks

November 19, 2017



You can't. Not anymore at least.


Hi RayRay. I agree wholeheartedly. It is a lonely business trying to master this alone. "Korean in 5 minutes a day"? It's a LOT of 5 minutes!!! I've spent weeks on the alphabet. I find it impossible to distinguish consonant sounds except for m, n, p, r and s at the beginning of syllables, from the voice. Also nil success at hearing the emphasised double consonants. I find I rely on the written form most of the time. This is not going to help me listen or speak! How are you getting on with all that?


The TTS voice for most programs aren't very good. Are you struggling with learning the alphabet?


Maryanne, There are several free excellent sources for learning Hangul on the web. You might check out https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24886787 where I posted several links, including a couple that might help with the double consonants. I think followers could "meet up" on a random discussion of one of the sentences in the course. Then by "following" the discussion you will get email notifications, and can carry on a conversation with not quite so broad an audience as one of these forum discussions.


well say hello first of in the discussions try making friends then and after


Thank for the help.

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