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I have an IPhone and use family sharing...

Ok so... I have an IPhone and we use family sharing. Which means that my mom is always in charge of what kind of apps I download. Today, I created an account on Duolingo and started French, because I recently gotten back my mid-term report card in high school (Grade 9). My French mark was really bad: 77% and the average was 83%... I wanted to improve my French score. I'm doing pretty well for a start, so then I decided that I should get the app on my phone so it would be easier to study French when I don't have my laptop with me. If you know what family sharing is, then I won't have to explain, but I will anyways. If I wanted to download an app, I have to type in my password, and then an approval message will be sent to the person who is in charge. In this case, it is my mom. If the person approves it, it will start downloading automatically. But if they decline it, it will not download. I sent my mom an approval message, then guess what! She declined Duolingo because she said it looked ridiculous and silly that the app has a face of an owl. I told her that it's a very helpful app for people who wants to learn languages for free, and that it will improve my French mark. My mom doesn't understand that, so I don't really know what to do right now..... How do I convince my mom to let me download that app????? Thanks is advance :)

November 19, 2017



Maybe have her try duo herself and see what she thinks? If you can't get her to get the app, there is always your browser on your phone. Some people say the website itself is better than the app. I for one don't have the app on my tablet because I feel like it is unnecessary. I posted a while back asking if the app was better than the website, and many people said it wasn't. Some people use both, and both the website and the app have their benefits. So I guess this all sums up to- if you can't get the app, don't sweat it. The website is just as good (if not better) :).


I suggest showing your mom the website. Do a couple lessons to show her what it's like. And look up some good information about duolingo.


Assuming you have access to a web browser on your phone, use Duolingo on the mobile website. The app isn't very good and is chock full of problems.


I disagree, especially since I'm no longer on the Gems+Health AB test, which I am celebrating.


Whoa! How did you escape the A/B test? There is no way to escape it AFAIK, which must mean the Gems test is over and was scrapped!!! (I never had gems either, but my sister did and it's why she quit after the first three skills.)


I'm not sure if I have decent advice as to how to convince your mom to download the app, but perhaps you should look up more information on Duolingo's background to give your mom a better idea of the purpose of this site. Perhaps if she had more context, along with reviews on the app, then she may be more inclined to make an educated decision. ^ ^


show her the reviews on the app in google play. show her how it works on the website, and explain that you want to do this as a way to help bring up your average. tell her that if you start getting better grades now, you can keep that up throughout high school and then it'll make getting into colleges easier and maybe you could get a scholarship so less money. and mention dl is free!


I feel bad that I find this kind of funny :/ am I a terrible person? Lol I'm serious, I laughed at this suggestion.


hahaha no youre good i edited it though before someone got offended (it looks like 2 people did though because it got 2 downvotes and i bet one of them is woof.)


Haha, I saw it the first time you posted it and couldn't help but laugh. I'm glad I'm not a terrible person for that lol


It seems I missed the original suggestion. Post it on Pastebin or something pls?


it was blackmail!


Well it comes up in every "Best Language Learning App/Program/Course" search I've done...so maybe you can discuss with her how highly recommended it is and let her know the simple-yet-whimsical layout is to make it highly approachable for all ages and skill levels


Good luck with learning french better. You are right, practicing on Duo will be a good way to improve. I am confident you will find a way, because someone who wants to learn as much as you do will find ways to do it! And thank you for explaining family sharing and how it works. I didn't know. Salut, et a bientot!


"She declined Duolingo because she said it looked ridiculous and silly that the app has a face of an owl" Wow, your mom is very judgmental, a person should not decline an app just because of how it looks. Duolingo has the owl as a symbol, just like other websites/apps have their own symbols. I get it she's looking out for your safety since you are young, but Duolingo is one of the safest communities I know-much safer than social media websites where the threat of cyber bullying can occur, but here, on this wonderful site, spam and negativity are prevented. Pretty much everyone I know that has Duolingo says it's safe, even check out the guidelines: https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines Again, she should do more research into it, instead of judging the app by how it looks! That was not very educational on her part, no offense. And Duolingo is a community that prides itself on being educational. Your mom should know better when it comes to this matter. Period. I'm sorry if I came off as rude, but I speak what I believe to be the truth. Have a wonderful day! To both you and your mom :D


show her on the internet what it looks like i understand that and i know how stressful it can be tell her its to help to get better in school and that it really helps. maybe tell her about all the great languages. ask her if she wants you to do good in school. also a lot of collage students use this to learn and end up being able to talk fluent in multiple different languages. i hope you can get it because duolingo. tell her that its really important to you and you want to get a better score in high school


Show her the website so that she can see all the features!


Maybe it is a (good) sign that you should not use a tapping app for language learning?!? :-) :-)

Have you ever heard / read about health/gems and DuoLingo's favourite IOS A/B testing platform?

I am quite sure this "gems thing" and blocking your learning progress will drive you - and especially your mom, as you might even try to ask her to PAY for you to be able to progress further without refills - crazy!
However, I have to admit, that sometimes I used the Android tapping app (Bluestacks Android emulator for PC/Windows), to learn a new grammar skill, the first time.
It is (much) easier than typing on the web.

You may find it easier to build up motivation and force to push yourself into it starting a (grammar) skill on the app...whereas sometimes you might think twice or more before starting a skill on the web portal.
If you use it for a "vocabulary skill", you might find that it is quite hard to remember words 1-x days after.
For reviews:
Tapping may not be the way to effectively learn and remember / recall words.

Tapping will NOT train RECALLING the words or grammar verb endings (L2 target language typing)!!!

Always try to force yourself to review completed skills on the web portal!

And anyways:
DuoLingo does NOT train much writing into your target (French) language in the forward EN-FR tree; you would have to start the reverse tree.
This may be different on the app, I am not quite sure.
DuoLingo want's to keep a learner as long as possible, so they do not make it too hard for you (e.g typing in French).

On the Android app there are even more issues, as you do not have to tap ALL word bricks of a sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24799102/Ratio-between-translation-directions-when-strengthening-skills-is-not-good-in-my-opinion

However, depending on your age, you might love the "easier" exercises, as IMHO this is clearly directed to "kids learning style".


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