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"Magazine about culture"

Translation:문화에 관한 잡지

November 19, 2017



Why is 관한 used here instead of 대한?


Try this: only use 대한/대해 the first round. For the other rounds of a level only use 관한/관해. They should be interchangeable IRL though.


The difference is much like "on" and "about" in English.

N에 대한/대해 (something) = (something focused) on N => importance placed on N

N에 관한/관해 something = something about N => importance placed on the "something" (verb; noun...)


Have seen "문화잡지" used for Culture Magazine.

However the objective here is to learn about different ways of saying "on/about (something)".

And in this sentence,

About/related to =~에 관한


Why not 관하여?



• -에 관해(서) or the alternative form -에 관하여 is an adverbial phrase. It must be followed by a verb or verbal clause.

-에 관해/관하여 = about (adv)

• -에 관한 is an attributive adjective (noun modifier). It must be followed by a noun or a noun phrase.

-에 관한 = about (adj)

(2) A magazine about culture

= A culture-related magazine

= 문화에 관한 잡지

=> 에 관한 (about, adj.) modifies the noun 잡지 (a magazine)

에 관해(서)/에 관하여 (about, adv.) cannot be used here due to the lack of a verb/verbal clause.

(3) Consider the following example:

저는 한국 문화에 관한 보고서를 썼습니다. => 에 관한 (about, adj) modifies 보고서 (a report)

= I wrote a K culture related report

= I wrote a report about K culture

저는 한국 문화에 관하여 글로 보고했습니다. => 에 관하여 (about, adv) modifies the verbal clause 글로 보도했습니다 (reported in writing)

= I reported in writing about K culture


Would 문화에는 잡지 mean the equivalent, "cultural magazine"?


It doesn't mean 'magazine about culture'


So when do you use 관한 vs the other versions of the word like 관해서?


From 관하다 = to relate, to link

(1) 관한 (adj) [N] = related/pertinent [N]

(2) 관해(서) / 관하여 (adv) [V or Phrasal verbs] = [V or Phrasal verbs] in regard to, about

이주에 관해서 데이터를 수집하다 = collect data in regard to (/ concerning) migration.

-> 관해서 (an adverb/adverbial) modifies the phrasal verb 데이터를 수집하다

이주에 관한 데이터를 수집하다 = collect data about migration

-> 관한 (adjective) describes only the noun 데이터


The hint for "about" is WRONG


Please explain.


If you hover the cursor over "about" the word they give is not accepted in the translation. It is WRONG


The app is not registering my correct answer

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