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  5. "发生了什么事?"


Translation:What happened?

November 19, 2017



For those wondering why the character for hair () is involved, keep in mind that simplified Chinese has homographs—two different characters that are written the same way and are considered identical. In traditional Chinese, the character for hair is . 发生 in traditional Chinese is 發生. Still, and are homophones in Chinese.


They're only homophones if you ignore tone ;) 发<發 is fā, while 发<髮 is fà (fǎ in Taiwan) or in some words toneless fa





This is the first time I am seeing a language where "What happened?" uses six syllables. Are there shorter sentences that mean the same as "发生了什么事"? Also, can "事" be omitted?


Actually, I often hear 发生omitted. People just say 什么事? Although that normally means What's the matter? To say What happened? people would say 怎么了?


In Italian: "Che cosa é successo?" = "What happened?". That's 7 or 6 syllabled depending on liaisons. Of course this is just the longer, more complete phrase, but (like in chinese) shorter more colloquial options do exist.


This new female voice always pronounces "le" as "liao" when you pass the cursor over it. There is no way to report the problem.


I report it as "Chinese audio sounds wrong ". Liao instead of le in these sentences is incorrect so the audio is wrong. The more people report it the better.

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