Famous Chinese Poem: 静夜思

We memorized this poem in my 4th grade Mandarin class and I just came across it again in a Chinese book I bought. I thought I would share it with everyone here.

静夜思 by: 李白


Jìng yè sī by: Lǐ bái

Chuángqián míngyuè guāng,Yí shì dìshàng shuāng。Jǔtóu wàng míngyuè,Dītóu sī gùxiāng。

Thoughts for a quiet night by: Li Bai

The bright beams shine across my coverlet, Reminding me of frost covering the ground. I gaze up at the bright moon, then bow my head, And suddenly think of home.

November 19, 2017



November 20, 2017


November 20, 2017

Oh, I remember this poem too! :D I loved it so much when I learned it at Chinese class at uni ^^

November 20, 2017

Oh yeah! I remember this poem! I loved it, tbh.

November 20, 2017
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