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  5. "It takes seven days."

"It takes seven days."


November 19, 2017



なのか かかります。 It's so stupid that Duolingo breaks 七日 into two parts and pronounces them しち and ひ.


The program needs a lot of work. Once they release it to beta is it too late to send it back to the incubator?


Thank you! I always have trouble remembering the numbers and the counters (ichi vs hito or hitotsu or... well, you see my point )


All I get from these exercises, numerals sound different in different cases/combinations. However the current program is a little - if any - help to learn and remember pronunciation of the cases. On the contrary, it only confuses the learners even more.


why no particle は?why do you not need to make the interval explicit like 七日間?


"it" would be the subject that would need the は but in this statement it's understood. This is more like saying "takes seven years" and leaving off the "it".

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