"Do you guys listen to Chinese songs?"


November 19, 2017

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It should use 中文 instead of 汉语, no one uses 汉语 in conversation, it's a formal term.


I agree; even if 汉语 is suggested, they should at least accept 中文, especially without any context to clarify what exactly "Chinese" means here.


It depends whether you are talking about Chinese culture or a specific Chinese language (remember there are at least 4). 中国 is the place. 中文 refers to generic Chinese culture and language. 汉语 is what you are studying here, what (english-speaking) westerners call 'mandarin', which is what most (but not all) Chinese people speak.

To be even more pedantic, this course seems to be more strongly influenced by Beijing/Northern Chinese dialects.

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Seems like both versions are commonly used, at least in writing. Google result counts: "中文歌" 127, "汉语歌" 99, "漢語歌" 104.

On 百度, both simplified versions return 76 pages of results, which looks like it might be a hard result limit.


你們聽不聽漢語歌 - shouldn't this work too?


why is 你们听不听汉语歌 rejected ?

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