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"Let's hide in the park quickly!"

Translation:공원에 빨리 숨어요!

November 20, 2017



Why not 공눤에서?


cause the action is taking place somewhere else and the person suggests to go hide in the park.


발음이 않좋운 거예요


there are so many inconsistencies with these questions...why do some questions with the form "Let's..." (Not specifically saying "we" or "together", just "let's...") require 우리 or 같이 in the answer while ones like this don't?


It's kinda the same in English - Let's hide in the park vs. Let's hide in the park together vs. Let us hide in the park. The message is the same but the focus of the sentence is different. While Let's is just short for 'Let us' you can see Korean sentences like this one, whithout 우리, as equivalent to it. The 'us' is implied. (My native language is neither English nor Korean so take this comment with a grain of salt)


Would "빨리 공원에 숨어요" mean the same, but with a different emphasis?


"let's" usually translates in korean as the stem ..합시다 ...this isn't an option the multiple choice, so the closest correct translation is the imperative form.


I read your two comments. Let's is not fixed as '(으)ㅂ시다'.

하시지요, 합시다, 하세, 하자, 해요, 해 All can be possible. (by listener honorific level)


Is 우리 not necessary here?


우리 not needed per online tips and notes. I guess it's just another thing to accept.

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