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  5. "곧 공원에서 만나요."

" 공원에서 만나요."

Translation:Let's meet at the park soon.

November 20, 2017



"let's" normally uses the form 합시다. this sentence without context could mean several things, including "(? pronoun) meet at the park soon," "(usually) meet at the park soon" ... if you want to emphasise the "let's" and "soon" it sounds more natural to me to say "우리 빨리 공원에서 만나자" or "우리 빨리 공원에서 만납시다"


That is if you are using deferential speech. 합니다/합니까/합시다/하십시오 have the exact same meanings as the polite mood 해요/해요?/해요/해요. Using only polite speech, I would assume that it is a proposal because it does not have a subject as you pointed out.


"(? pronoun) meet at the park soon" actually doesn't really make sense due to "meet" being present tense and "soon" indicating something in the future but not in the present. I think in English when we say "I meet at the park soon" what we really mean is "I will meet at the park soon" but since we know due to "soon" it's in the future we swallow the "will" part explicitly indicating future tense. I imagine something similar is happening here in Korean.


We don't ommit the 'will' in the example sentence you gave. No one says "I meet at the park soon" , its not proper grammar.


the hint says "meet" but "see" ois expected?


shouldn't it be "in the park'?


in london this means ya gonna get shanked


"Let's meet in the flower park" XD My eaaaars!!


Meet you at the park soon should also be accepted

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