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  5. "医院的环境很安静。"


Translation:The environment of the hospital is quiet.

November 20, 2017



"The hospital's environment is very quiet" should be accepted


If we are translating this Chinese sentence, to remove 环境 "environment" is not intuitive and the above translation is more accurate.


so, is it IN the hospital or in its surrounding?


The environment of the hospital is huan jing


"It is quiet around the hospital" was rejected. It told me I should translate as "It's quiet in the hospital." But doesn't 环境 describe the surroundings? So it should be around, not in. Or am I missing something?


After reading the whole thread of comments I still do not understand if this sentence means that it is quiet in the hallways and rooms of the hospital, or if this sentence means that the area outside of the hospital building is quiet. I wrote "The surroundings of the hospital are quiet", which should be accepted if the second case is the intended meaning.


I speak Armenian at native level, a language that, despite being an Indo-European language, has many syntactic similarities and surprisingly similar expressions and turns of phrases to Chinese. To say "It's quiet in the hospital" one would use the word "mtnolord" which means "ambience", that is, "Hovandanotsi mtnolorde ❤❤❤❤ hangist e". A word for word translation of the Chinese sentence that sounds equally natural in Armenian, and is best translated into English as simply as "It's quiet in the hospital" without any need to include "ambience" or "environment"!


It should be the environment of the hospital was quiet . I think it should be the surroundings


"The hospital's atmosphere is very quiet" should be accepted as an answer. You don't usually describe it as an environment.


I'm native speaker. Well guys, I don't really know how to explain this word, cause it can't be directly translated. We use 環境 in many conditions.

醫院的環境=醫院環境,的 can be hidden and it's doesn't effect the origin meaning. In this sentence, 環境 is asking overall of the hospital. Could be level of confort, could be level of facilities, could be level of quietness 醫院的環境怎樣?

醫院附近環境怎樣? 附近 is nearby, so it's asking the surroundings. How's the surroundings nearby the hospital?


Yes, that's why it's (a) difficult to comprehend, and (b) difficult to translate, but this can be mitigated by accepting all, well, acceptable translations.

I think 环境 here amounts to how it your overall impression of it, with the service, the facilities, the "atmosphere" (e.g. quiet, busy, calming, nauseating, comfortable), the inside and the surroundings outside all adding up to the ”环境“.


Haha... "the.hospital environment is quiet" is not accepted, but "the environment of the hospital is quiet" is ok...hahah. is this a Chinese learning app or an English learning app? It's hard to see value in this part for an English speaker...


"the hospital environment" or "the hospital's environment" seem to me to be the best translations; "the environment of the hospital" seems very stilted.


"The hospital environment is quiet" is accepted now — way more natural than the preferred translation although "environment" is awfully unnatural. Having read all the comments, still unclear whether it's indoors, outdoors or both.


I am wondering if by 环境 they actually mean ambience! Basically: "It's very quiet in the hospital". As simple as that!


There is some ambiguity ...in vs. Around...

Are we saying around (within the various wings and corridors) or around (surrounding neighborhood)...

If I said in English, "It's really quiet around this hospital" it could be equally understood that I'm standing in in some deserted wing or that I'm standing somewhere outside looking all around the building at a lack of commotion.

It's completely left up to context. Does this same contextual nuance exist in Chinese for 环境?


Can anyone explain which one 环境 means in this sentence - surroundings (hint), or environment (translation)? Are we talking about IN the hospital, or AROUND the hospital?


Has this person been to a hospital?


You do have a point, but I'm sure there are some that fit the description there. :-)


Shouldn't this also accept "It's very quiet around the hospital"?


Awkward in English - do you mean the hospital environment or the surrounding area?


"Hospital environment" on its own seems awkward whereas "surrounding area" sounds fine on its own but awkward in the rest of the sentence. I can only guess the natural English would just be "around the hospital" but my Chinese isn't good enough to know if that's an accurate enough equivalent to the Chinese. We might need someone who's native-level in both languages.

In particular, "environment" has ecological connotations that can confuse. Are they just talking about the area around the hospital generally or are they trying to say there's some environmental concerns where the hospital is located?


Nobody is saying there is a one to one equivalence of meaning between 环境 and "environment". Moreover, just because someone uses a word in any language, it doesn't mean it pulls in all potential meanings of that word. In this Chinese sentence it means that the hospital is a quiet place. Just as in the English sentence where we say "the environment of the hospital" and we are not taking about the natural environment. While in English (and Chinese as it happens) the word "environment" is used as a short way of saying "natural environment of the planet", it has a plain meaning of the physical conditions in an area. In Chinese this should be the first sense in which to interperate 环境 unless the natural environment is under discussion. It is only in this plain sense in our sentence.

Both the English and the Chinese sentence are ambiguous as to how far around the hospital we are including in our description. We are just going to have to live with this as ambiguity exists in most languages.


I've been a native English speaker for 50 years and I have no native intuition of what "the environment of the hospital" ought to mean, which is why I'm asking about what the Chinese is trying to express. I simply wouldn't make an English sentence like that and it still seems like Chinglish to me.


Hear, hear!

I am not a native English speaker and I do not understand this sentence at all.




why not the enviroment is quiet in the hospital? what does the enviroment in this context mean, by the way?


These English sentences are so bad.


The Chinese 医院的环境 is not referring to a specific place inside or outside the hospital but rather referring to the general feeling of the hospital. As a translator I would omit "environment" in the English translation and just say "The hospital is a quiet place." or use atmosphere "The hospital has a peaceful/restful atmosphere."


It is quiet in the hospital. Like who the ❤❤❤❤ says the hospital's environment/surroundings is/are quiet <-?


It's just Chinglish. They translated too literally from Chinese to English. Plenty of hospitals have signs on the street not to use your car horn nearby. Better translations would be something like "around the hospital" or "in the vicinity of the hospital" etc.


I think "气氛" would be a more appropriate substitution for "环境", as the former relates specifically to the non-phsyical qualities (i.e. ambiance) of an area.


No, it can't be. 氣氛 in Chinese indicates the atmosphere between people or in the activity. This sentence is asking about the environment and surrounding area.

醫院的氣氛很安靜 makes me confused. For me it's a negative description. I may assume it's because doctors and nurses are careless about their patients, they don't have conversation. 派對的氣氛很安靜 makes sense, it means party's quiet and not fun.

醫院的環境很安靜 makes sense. I realize this hospital it's quiet and it's a good place for resting.


I wrote exactly the same sentence as the right one and the answer is wrong ! Fix it please


the hospital's surroundings is quiet should be accepted


Except 'surroundings' is plural. Personally, I can't think of a good, natural translation that includes 'surroundings' for this sentence.


Whether or not it's plural in English shouldn't matter as Chinese doesn't show number, what should matter is whether or not this means inside or around the hospital


I wrote the right sentence ! But the answer is wrong! Fix it

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